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DIP 스위치 활용 [ 마제스터치 컨버터블2 크림치즈 텐키레스 한글 (갈축) ]

"마제스터치 컨버터블 2 크림치즈 텐키레스"에 대한 자세한 내용을 담은 리뷰를 http://dpg.danawa.com/bbs/view?boardSeq=264\u0026listSeq=3686429 에 작성해두었으니 참고하시면 도움되실 것 같습니다.

5imple Circuits: How to use a DIP switch

Ever wondered how to use a dip switch? Just watch the video to find out !
James Lee : Short and to the point...very respected.
C M : Dual inline packaging
Electronic Engineer : Nice video
ahmed aslam : can switch give us ground value or only VCC value???
Rodrigo Diego : Thank You!
Exotic Me : Can u tell that if the switch is off will it give ground bcuz my dip switch does not give ground
Edebe Victor : Thank you for your attempt, but the angle you shot this video at was bad.
Prrr : doesnt explain shit... wtf
Ryan James : so you moved your resistor on the far right from the positive to the negative rail and never explained why?
Fahim Ansari : fantasting

dipswitches a secret?

Video from Martin Training DVD
Batkhuu Tsogtsaikhan : Thank you so much.
Ruel Rano : how about bosch garage opener ..my garage remote only work w very near ..how can i ajust this from far distance
Danny Hebreard : Very informative and understandable video, Thank you my friend.
Khushbu Shaikh : Very nice video
Frank Holly : Good
Mahesh Bhatnagar : How can i set new 10 pin chamberlain to old 9 pin. In old remote 1,4,7 is ON. 2,3,5,6,8,9 is in the middle or neutral.
Val Jean : How do you get 434 MHZ with only four switches?
Esteban Cortes : Greetings everyone, I have a 10 switch gate remote with each switch having only on and off positions. And a 9 switch gate remote with each switch having three positions (+, 0 and -). My question is, how do I translate between them? thanks in advance.
Loc Lam : how can i convert 12dip down to 8dip thanks
(my remote only 8dip ,3position : + 0 -)
123 468 on,5off, 7 zero , how to set up from 12 dip .Thanks




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