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Loading Price Gun Labels into an MX5500-EOS Price Gun

Since a lot of people struggle to understand the instructions in the box, we thought we'd put together a quick instructional video showing how to load Price Gun Labels into an MX5500-EOS Price Gun. This video also contains a few tips and tricks which will help make loading labels much easier and quicker. For more information and to buy online visit

Motex® NEW MX-5500 Loading & Maintenance Instructions

Use the coupon code "K18B1G1" at the time of checkout to get a free pack of labels with the purchase of 1 or more packs!

Product Page Link:\u0026sku=MX5500

Motex® NEW MX-5500 Loading and Maintenance Instructions - Kenco® Label is your number one source for label and marking merchandise. This video from Kenco® will help you learn how to load, adjust, and maintain your Motex® MX-5500. You will also learn how to change the ink roller. For more information on these products, visit us at or call 1-800-86-KENCO.

Video Key:

Get to know your label gun - 0:26
Loading your label gun - 1:40
Adjusting the dial - 2:43
Changing the ink roller - 3:27
Adjusting the print location - 4:28
Labeling an item - 5:15

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